24/7 Flood Recovery

If you have a flooding disaster you can call us any time day or night.

Our scope of services include:-


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Damage assessment and mitigation

Upon arriving at the property we will assess the overall damage. We will also help to prevent and minimise further damage, by assisting to uplift furnishings and where practicable relocate to unaffected areas. Our 24/7 service ensures mould and bacteria do not have time to grow, thereby maximising the chances of salvaging the carpets.


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Water eradication

After assessing the site and mitigating and ongoing damage, we will actively remove all free or standing water by extraction, using one of our state of the art industrial machines. We will also sanitise affected areas and remove any damaged items at risk of being damaged. This may include removal of carpet underlay where necessary.


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Restoration and monitoring

Once we have removed any free or standing water and any other items that may be at risk of being damaged, we begin the restoration process. We install mechanical drying equipment to remove all excess moisture and also dry the walls, floors, cupboards, and concrete slab using industrial air movers, dehumidifiers and monitoring equipment. This process is vital in preventing subsequent damage and harmful mould growth.


This process includes:-

  • Evaporating moisture through circulation of air throughout the structure;
  • Dehumidifying the air to prevent secondary damage from occurring;
  • Maintaining the ideal temperature for evaporation and dehumidification;
  • Monitoring moisture levels every 24-48 hours and repositioning of equipment throughout affected areas.